Following is the result of a brainstorming session for a class project on the topic of using Google to search for people.  Please add anything that we may have left out! First off, getting that list of contacts for a big project can be tedious. You can’t rely on your network alone for the most up to date details on all the individuals relevant to your next endeavor.

Thankfully the Internet – particularly Google, is home to a vast network of websites that are regularly updated with almost everybody’s contact information. People search techniques actually work, just like any other type of subject material you place in the search bar. Google can lead to almost anything and everything from contact numbers, addresses, office information, etc. This article will run you through the different methods available when performing a Google people search.

The most basic form of Google search for people involves typing the person’s name and hitting the search button. If their contact details are included in their company website or their personal blog, then Google Search will uncover that and provide it for you with the link.

For more specific information on the person you are looking for, you can Google People with the following steps:

  • Google Plus has over a million people, letting you connect with friends, their friends, and their contacts. Go over to Google Plus, get an account, and start adding everyone you know.
  • The Google Plus Directory lets you narrow down the people you search for via their name, location, or profession.
  • Suggestions are included in a right side bar of Google+, narrowing down your people search. Click away and start narrowing down those people you might need.
  • You can also find people according to their email address, high school, college or university, as well as workplace.
  • You may also try connecting to your other accounts on Yahoo or Hotmail.

You can also track an individual using Google News Alert. This will apply to individuals with a very visible presence in the web. To enable Google News Alert, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Alerts page in your account.
  2. Read through the options that will narrow down the kind of alerts you will receive.
  3. Start with your purpose for Google Alerts. Be specific about the person you would like news on. This is done by inputting the search query.
  4. Then you will indicate the result type you want updates on: it can be from blogs, news, videos, discussions, and even books.
  5. You can filter the results to all kinds or to the most popular or reliable ones
  6. The occurrence of the alert is also determined by your settings: as it happens, once a week, or once a day.
  7. Lastly you can have the alerts sent to a specific address.

Other locating methods use the Google people style search in the directories of the said social network. People are narrowed down according to gender, relationship status, occupation, and their location on It is another form of a Google+ directory on based on different categories.  You can also check out which gets its indexes as well from Google Plus.  You can also search for people on Google Plus via their location. This lets you narrow down where the person is or where he/she could be.

On Google+ or in the Google search bar, you can type live, and then the location. Further clicking will either give you people actually from that location or have already lived in that city. If they have just moved, you can use their previous place lived in as a reference for their old office or contacts.

If you know specific details about that person, like how they convey certain terms or places, you can try searching for imaginary locations such as the “Universisty of Middle Earth”, “Big Apple”; etc.

Images are another means of finding a person with Google. The search engine’s rich database from different websites lets you find his/her latest photo or a record of a photo from a company website, Facebook, or even that person’s blog. You can even search the person through an image file you have stored in your computer.

To search for a person using their photo, drag the image from its source into the search box in Then click the camera icon, and then select “Upload an Image”. If you are searching via Google Images, you can copy the Image URL (seen after right clocking) and then copy the URL to the Google Images search bar, click the camera icon, and then Paste image URL. For a faster image search, try your browser’s extension. Once installed, you simply have to right click the photo to enable a Google Search.

Whatever your purpose for finding a person online, Google+ has hosted a number of ways to narrow down that search and make contact much easier for you. Start exploring what Google has to offer and you’ll get started on that project ASAP! All these different resources are available for a wider and faster network connection among individuals.

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